Constitution Watch 20-2016


[26th September 2016]

Reminder:  Death Penalty Challenge in the Constitutional Court

On Wednesday 28th September


This is a reminder that Veritas’ third case to try and remove prisoners from death row will be heard by the Constitutional Court this coming Wednesday, the 28th September.  The case is Farai Lawrence Ndlovu & Another v Minister of Justice & Another (CCZ 50/2015).

What the case is about

The two applicants were sentenced to death shortly before the new Constitution came into force in 2013.  The argument on their behalf is that the new Constitution effectively abolished the pre-existing law that provided for the carrying out of the death penalty and the new law providing for the death penalty had not been enacted at the time the court application was filed.   Hence the argument is that they cannot now be executed because the law to be applied is the law as it existed at the time filing the application.

The court papers for the case are available on the Veritas website at this link.

Everyone who is concerned about the Death Penalty is urged to attend the court hearing

The court hearing will start at 9.30 am on Wednesday 28th

Constitutional Court – Cnr. Samora Machel Ave and Third St.

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