Court Watch 2017 - Appointment of Chief Justice


[29th March 2017]

Appointment of Chief Justice


Justice Luke Malaba has been appointed Chief Justice of Zimbabwe by President Mugabe with effect from 27th March.  This has been confirmed by the Judicial Service Commission.   Chief Justice Malaba is currently out of the country on official duty, so his swearing-in as Chief Justice is expected to take place next week.  A date and time have not yet been fixed.

Veritas congratulates Justice Malaba on his appointment, which is a fitting culmination to a distinguished judicial career.

Brief Biography

Justice Luke Malaba has a LL.B. (Hons) [University of Warwick, UK, 1974]; LL.B. [University of Zimbabwe, 1982]

He was registered as a legal practitioner in Zimbabwe on 14th April 1986

Apart from an initial three years as a prosecutor in Bulawayo [1981-1984], Justice Malaba is a career judicial officer, whose magisterial career started at Masvingo in 1984.  He rose steadily through the ranks of the magistracy and attained the rank of regional magistrate in 1990.  He was appointed a judge of the High Court in 1994.  He was promoted to the Supreme Court in July 2001 and became the country’s first Deputy Chief Justice in July 2008.

Justice Malaba has also held an appointment as a judge of the COMESA Court of Justice.

He has been acting Chief Justice since the retirement of former Chief Justice Chidyausiku

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