Nyanga Post Elections Investigations Report ZHRC Sept 2018

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC/ Commission) received a complaint involving alleged partisan distribution of Presidential Agricultural Inputs in Nyanga North Constituency Nyanga District in Manicaland Province. This report contains findings of the ZHRC investigation conducted in response to the complaint received.
1.1. The complainant communicated with the ZHRC through the hotline platform to lodge his complaint on alleged partisan distribution of Presidential Inputs. The reports seeks to highlight the findings of the investigations.
1.2. Complainant reported that in Chapataronga Village, Ward 6 Nyanga North Constituency there was partisan distribution of Presidential Inputs. It was alleged that the ruling party ZANU PF Councillor and party supporters were politicizing presidential inputs distribution exercises from the time of determining beneficiaries right up to the distribution.
1.3 In determining its role in this matter, the ZHRC considered the two sets of facts which give rise to distinct causes of action, namely;
1.3.1 Human rights investigations into human rights violations of the constitutional right to equality and non-discrimination (Section 56), freedom of association and assembly (Section 58), the right to make political choices freely (Section 67) and the right to food (Section 77) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, 2013.
1.3.2 Maladministration investigations on the part of public officials who were allegedly performing their duties partially and with bias against persons of a particular political affiliation. This was in contravention of the provisions of the Public Service Regulations SI 1/2000.

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