Official Nomination Form for Candidate for Appointment to ZIMBABWE MEDIA COMMISSION

Parliament Invites Public to Nominate Candidates for Appointment to the Zimbabwe Media CommissionThe Constitution, in section 248, tells us that there is a Zimbabwe Media Commission known as the Zimbabwe Media Commission consisting of:

  1. a chairperson appointed by the President after consultation with Parliament’s Committee on Standing Rules and Orders; and
  2. eight other members appointed by the President from a list of not fewer than twelve nominees submitted by the same Committee.

In fact, however, the Commission has had neither a chairperson nor any other members since the 31st December 2014, when the terms of office of the previous chairperson and members expired.  The staff of the Commission, including its Chief Executive Officer, Dr T. Mahoso, have continued to carry out at least some functions of the Commission, such as accrediting journalists.At long last steps are being taken to remedy this unsatisfactory and unconstitutional state of affairs, probably because the Government’s Bill to operationalise the Commission currently awaiting attention by Parliament: the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill [link].  On 6th February 2020 the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders published advertisements in newspapers calling on the public to nominate persons for its consideration for inclusion on the list of twelve nominees to be submitted to the President.  The full advertisement is set out below, but important points to note are:

  1. there is a deadline – nominations must be received at Parliament before end of business hours on Friday 28th February 2020;
  2. an official nomination form must be used – this may be obtained from Parliament [details in the advertisement] or can be downloaded BELOW

Download File: