GN 2020-0673 President's Clemency Order 1 of 2020 - Remission of Prison Sentences and Commutation of Death Sentences

This notice was gazetted on 27th March 2020.


IT is hereby notified that His Excellency the President has, in terms of section 112(1)(a) and (d) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, made the order set out in the Schedule. V. MABIZA, Secretary for Justice, Legal and 27-3-2020. Parliamentary Affairs.
1. This order may be cited as the Clemency Order No. 1 of 2020. Remission of sentence for all convicted female prisoners
2. Full remission of the remaining period of imprisonment is hereby granted to all female prisoners, save for those convicted of specified offences. The inmate should have served at least half of her sentence.

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