ZHRC 2020 Annual Report

The Report details the operations and activities of the Commission in the year 2020 and informs the Legislature, Government Ministries, Departments, other stakeholders and the general public on the work of the ZHRC in fulfilling its mandate to promote, protect and enforce human rights as provided in section 243 of the Constitution. Overall, the year was very challenging because of the COVID-19 pandemic which negatively affected enjoyment of both civil and political rights as well as economic social and cultural rights.
The lockdown measures to prevent and contain the pandemic aggravated the already compromised service delivery, reduced production, disrupted livelihoods, overstretched the health sector and negatively affected other rights such as the right to education, right to food and right to water. Access and delivery of basic services such as refuse collection, processing of national documents and pensions, repair of roads and other infrastructure deteriorated.

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