SI 2014-10 - Assignment of Functions (Minister of Industry and Commerce)

Statutory Instrument 10 of 2014.



Assignment of Functions (Minister of Industry and Commerce) Notice, 2014


IT is hereby notified that His Excellency the President, in terms of section 104(1) of the Constitution, as read with section 37(2) of the Interpretation Act [Chapter 1:01], has assigned to the Minister of Industry and Commerce —


(a) the administration of the Acts set out in the Schedule and;

(b) the functions conferred or imposed on the Minister of Industry and Commerce, save to the extent that those functions have not been assigned to some other Minister.


The Assignment of Functions (Minister of Industry and Commerce) Notice, 2010, published in Statutory Instrument 35 of 2010, is repealed.




Bonus Prohibition Act [Chapter 14:03]

Commercial Premises (Lease Control) Act [Chapter 14:04]

Competition Act [Chapter 14:28] (Act No. 7 of 1996)

Consumer Contracts Acts [Chapter 8:03]

Control of Goods Act [Chapter 14:05]

Export Credit Reinsurance Act [Chapter 14:06]

Industrial Development Corporation [Chapter 14:10]

Iron and Steel Industry [Chapter 14:11]

Merchandise Marks Act [Chapter 14:13]

Metrication (Conversion and Adoption) Act (Act No. 43 of 1971)

National Incomes and Pricing Commission Act [Chapter 14:32] (Act No. 2 of 2007)

One Stop Border Post Control Act [Chapter 3:04]

Produce Export Act [Chapter 18:17]

Standardisation of Soap Act [Chapter 14:18]

Standards Development Fund Act [Chapter 14:19]

Sugar Production Control Act[Chapter 18:19]

Tariff Commission Act [Chapter 14:29] (Act No. 3 of 1998)

Trade Coupons Act [Chapter 14:21]

Trade Development Surcharge Act [Chapter 14:22]

Trade Measures Act [Chapter 14:23]

White Phosphorous Act [Chapter 14:25]

Zimbabwe Development Corporation Act [Chapter 24:15]

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Act [Chapter 14:26]

Zimbabwe State Trading Corporation Act [Chapter 14:27]




This statutory instrument was published as a supplement to the
Zimbabwean Government Gazette dated 7th February 2014.


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