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COURT WATCH 14/2020 - Reminder: Con Court Judges Interviews - Monday 28th September


[26th September 2020]

Public Interviews of Candidates for Appointment as

Judges of the Constitutional Court:
Monday 28th September at Meikles Hotel

The public interviews of the following candidates for appointment will take place on Monday 28th September in the Stewart Room at Meikles Hotel, Harare.

Constitution Watch 10/2020 - Con Court Orders Implementation of section 210 of Constitution


[24th September 2020]

Court Case to Compel Implementation of Section 210 of Constitution

Success At Last

Section 210 of the Constitution states:

“An Act of Parliament must provide an effective and independent mechanism for receiving and investigating complaints from members of the public about misconduct on the part of members of the security services, and for remedying any harm caused by such misconduct.”

JSC Invites Public to Nominate Candidates for 5 Constitutional Court Vacancies

The Judicial Service Commission [JSC] has published a Position Advertisement announcing five vacancies in the Constitutional Court and inviting members of the public, in terms of section 180(4)(b) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, to nominate suitably qualified persons to fill these positions.  The advertisement states the qualifications for appointment as a Constitutional Court judge and the procedure for submitting nominations to the JSC.  The complete advertisement is the first downloadable document below.

CCZ 21-19 Nelson Chamisa and 24 Ors v Emmerson Mnangagwa - Election Petition

MALABA CJ: On 24 August 2018 the Constitutional Court (“the Court”) handed down the abridged version of the judgment in the case in which the applicant challenged the validity of the Presidential election held on 30 July 2018. The order made was in these terms -
The application ought to be dismissed.
In the result, the following order is made –

CCZ 10-2018 Gonese & J Majome v President of Zimbabwe & Others

REPORTABLE        (8)





  1.     INNOCENT     GONESE     (2)     JESSIE     MAJOME


  1.     PRESIDENT     OF     ZIMBABWE     (2)     PARLIAMENT     OF     ZIMBABWE     (3)     MINISTER     OF     LOCAL     GOVERNMENT     AND     PUBLIC     WORKS     AND     NATIONAL     HOUSING N.O.






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