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Bill Watch 42-2012

BILL WATCH 42/2012

[10th September 2012]

Both Houses have Adjourned until Tuesday 9th October

No Date Yet for Ceremonial Opening of Next Parliamentary Session

Delays in Government and Parliamentary Business

Bill Watch 40-2012

BILL WATCH 40/2012

[27th August 2012]

Both Houses of Parliament have adjourned until Tuesday 4th September

No Date Yet for Ceremonial Opening of Next Session

There has still been no announcement of a date for the official ceremonial opening of the next Parliamentary session.  As only seven days remain before the end of the present Parliamentary recess on Tuesday 4th September, an announcement should be made soon. 

Bill Watch 36-2012

BILL WATCH 36/2012

[30th July 2012]

Both Houses of Parliament have adjourned until Monday 3rd September

The date for the ceremonial opening of the next session is still to be fixed

4th Session of the 7th Parliament Ended

Bill Watch 35-2012

BILL WATCH 35/2012

[24th July 2012]

Updated Details of Vacant Parliamentary Constituencies

There has been considerable confusion recently about the number of Parliamentary vacancies due for by-elections, with discrepancies between figures mentioned by Minister Chinamasa in the Senate and picked up by the media, and those given in Veritas bulletins.  This bulletin will hopefully clear up the confusion. 

Bill Watch 33-2012

BILL WATCH 33/2012

[22nd July 2012]

Both Houses of Parliament will continue sitting on Tuesday 24th July

In Parliament Last Week

Key Bills Passed – Awaiting President’s Signature

Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Bill

Bill Watch 32-2012

BILL WATCH 32/2012

[14th July 2012]

Both Houses of Parliament will Sit AgainThis  Week

Finance Minister’s Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review on Wednesday 18th July

Three Parliamentary By-Elections Ordered by Supreme Court

Bill Watch 31-2012

BILL WATCH 31/2012

11th July 2012]

Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review Postponed to Next Week

Finance Minister Tendai Biti has postponed this to Wednesday 18th July.

Progress Made on Major Reform Bills in House of Assembly

The Human Rights Commission Bill with amendments is now through its Committee Stage

Bill Watch 30-2012

BILL WATCH 30/2012

[9th July 2012]

Both Houses of Parliament resume sittings on Tuesday 10th July

Last Few Sittings of this Session

Parliament’s sitting calendar was extended to put in extra July sittings this week and next week to accommodate:

Bill Watch 28-2012

BILL WATCH 28/2012

[29th June 2012]

Both Houses of Parliament sat last week before adjourning until Tuesday 10th July

Extra July Sittings for Parliament

The Parliamentary sitting calendar has been modified to cater for extra sittings next month to deal with urgent business.  Both Houses will sit from 10th to 12th July and again in the following week.  Urgent agenda items include:

Bill Watch 27-2012

BILL WATCH 27/2012

[18th June 2012]

Both Houses of Parliament will meet again on Tuesday 19th June

The Parliamentary agenda for this week includes motions to approve two important international agreements.

Palermo Protocol

United Nations Protocol  to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children

Bill Watch 24-2012

BILL WATCH 24/2012

[5th June 2012]

The House of Assembly is meeting today, Tuesday 5th June

The Senate remains adjourned until Tuesday 12th June

Outcome of SADC Summit Luanda, 1st June: Work for Parliament

The 1st June Luanda SADC Summit communiqué said:


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