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Bill Watch 23-2012

BILL WATCH 23/2012

[31st May 2012]

The House of Assembly has adjourned until Tuesday 5th June

The Senate has adjourned until Tuesday 12th June

Election Roadmap and Timeframe Outlined in Parliament’s Last Sitting

Bill Watch 22-2012

BILL WATCH 22/2012

[23nd May 2012]

The House of Assembly has adjourned until Tuesday 5th June

The Senate has adjourned until Tuesday 12th June

Private Member’s Bills

Speaker’s Sub Judice Decision

Private Member’s Bill to amend Urban Councils Act suspended pending Supreme Court decision

Bill Watch 20-2012

BILL WATCH 20/2012

[15th May 2012]

Supreme Court Case to Stop Private Member's Bill

This case, brought by the Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development to stop Parliament debating the Urban Councils Amendment Bill, raises complex issues  and will be covered in two Bill Watches:

Part I    The Case:– Background; Minister’s Arguments; Grounds for Rejecting the Minister’s Arguments

Bill Watch 19-2012

BILL WATCH 19/2012

[14th May 2012]

Both the House of Assembly and the Senate will resume on Tuesday 15th May

This resumption of sittings by both Houses of Parliament comes after a lengthy break that began at the end of March when the Houses adjourned for the Easter school holiday recess. 

Bill Watch 17-2012

BILL WATCH 17/2012

[29th April 2012]

Both Houses of Parliament are adjourned until Tuesday 15th May

Meetings of Portfolio and Thematic Committees are suspended until 7th May

Note: The parliamentary committee that met last week was not a regular committee, but an ad hoc Committee on Privileges specially appointed to consider a contempt of Parliament charge [see Bill Watch – Parliamentary Committees Series of 23rd April] 

Bill Watch 16-2012

BILL WATCH 16/2012

[5th April 2012]

The Prime Minister has released a statement rejecting a public notice by the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Indigenisation and Empowerment to “non-compliant” mining companies

The Minister’s Public Notice

Bill Watch 12-2012

BILL WATCH 12/2012

[26th March 2012]

Update on the Clerk of Parliament Case


Motion for removal of Clerk in House of Assembly In early December 2011, Hon Tshuma, MDC-T MP for Hwange Central, gave notice of a motion accusing the Clerk of Parliament, Austin Zvoma, of serious misconduct and asking the House to remove him from office in terms of section 48(2) of the Constitution. 

Bill Watch 09-2012


[12th March 2012]

Both the Senate and the House of Assembly will sit again on Tuesday 13th March

In the Senate this Week

The Senate has a very light agenda.  Only two motions are listed:

·        Motion on the partisan nature of the media in Zimbabwe – debate will probably continue on this partly debated motion proposed by Senator Komichi of MDC-T.


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