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Bill Watch 35 - 2018 Parliament Resumes Sitting Tuesday 30 October

BILL WATCH 35/2018

[29th October 2018]

Both Houses of Parliament will Resume Sitting on Tuesday 30th October

The Senate and the National Assembly will sit on Tuesday 30th October for the first time since they last met on 11th October.  This bulletin summarises what happened during the sittings from 9th to 11th October and outlines what is  on the Order Paper for this week’s sittings [see end of bulletin].

Bill Watch 32 - 2018 Electronic Money Transfer Tax: Still Illegal

BILL WATCH 32/2018

[23rd October 2018]

Electronic Money Transfer Tax:  Still Illegal

At the beginning of this month the Minister of Finance and Economic Development announced an increase in the Intermediated Money Transfer Tax [i.e. the tax on electronic money transfers] from five cents per transaction to two cents per dollar transferred.  The increase, he said, would become effective immediately. 

International Day of the Girl Child


[11th October 2018]

With Her: A Skilled Girl Force

Today, the 11th October, is the International Day of the Girl Child.

The International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated annually on October 11 to highlight issues of gender inequality and the challenges facing young girls.

This Year’s Theme

This year’s theme is “With Her A Skilled Girl Force”.

World Day Against the Death Penalty 2018


[10th October 2018]

Conditions of Detention for People Sentenced to Death

Today, the 10th October, is the World Day Against the Death Penalty.

The World Day Against the Death Penalty is commemorated annually on this day to highlight the plight of those who have been denied the most essential human right of all, the right to life, by the justice system.

This Year’s Theme


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