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BILL WATCH 37-2020 - Parliament Calls for Public Comments on Two Bills

BILL WATCH 37/2020

[17th June 2020]

Parliament Invites Public Comments on Two Bills:

(1)  Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill

(2)  Pension and Provident Funds Bill

On 16th June Parliament published notices on its website inviting the public to submit comments on the above two Bills for consideration by the relevant parliamentary committee(s). 

BILL WATCH 33-2020 - National Assembly Last Week and Coming Up This Week

BILL WATCH 33/2020

[1st June 2020]

In the National Assembly Last Week & Coming up This Week

The National Assembly was the only House sitting last week and will sit again this week, starting on 2nd June.  This bulletin outlines first the business done last week and then the business on the Order Paper for this week. 

The Senate last sat on 21st May and is not due to sit again until Tuesday 9th June.

BILL WATCH 30-2020 - Goverment Gazette Updates 25th April to 18th May

BILL WATCH 30/2020

[20th May 2020]

Government Gazettes Update: 25th April to 18th May

This bulletin lists and briefly outlines the content of Statutory Instruments [SIs] and some General Notices [GNs] published in Government Gazettes from 25th April to 18th May 2020.  Those SIs on which Veritas has already commented have links to the relevant Bill Watch bulletins.

BILL WATCH 26/2020 - SI 102 & SI 103 Covid-19 Regulations and Order - Yet More Amendments

BILL WATCH 26/2020

[8th May 2020]

Covid-19 Regulations and Order : Yet More Amendments

Late on Wednesday the Government published further amendments to the regulations and order dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic.  They are contained in two statutory instruments, both of which are available on the Veritas website:


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