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BILL WATCH 22-2017

BILL WATCH 22/2017

[26th June 2017]

Only the National Assembly is sitting this week

The Senate will resume on Tuesday 11th July

National Assembly Sitting This Week: Departure from Sitting Calendar 

Both Houses achieved their June quota of nine sitting days when they sat on Thursday last week. 

BILL WATCH 18-2017

BILL WATCH 18/2017

[27th May 2017]

Parliament is in recess from 18th May to 6th June when Both Houses will Resume Sittings

Of Particular Interest in this Issue

Chiwundura By-election

Frosty reception and heated debate on NPRC Bill

No further movement on Constitution Amendment Bill and Land Commission Bill

BILL WATCH 17-2017

BILL WATCH 17/2017

[15th May 2017]

Both Houses will continue sitting this week

Of Particular Public Interest in this Issue

The Constitution Amendment Bill, the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission and the Land Commission Bills

Activity on Bills Last Week [9th to 11th May]

BILL WATCH 15-2017

BILL WATCH 15/2017

[3rd May 2017]

Both Houses Resumed Sitting Yesterday, Tuesday 2nd May

Of Particular Public Interest

Ministerial statement on the Private Voluntary Organisations [PVO] Act on the need to strengthen “licensing and registration requirements of Non-Profit Organisations”  [See more below under Ministerial statements]

BILL WATCH 14-2017

BILL WATCH 14/2017

                                                             [24th April 2017]                                                            

Parliament is in recess until Tuesday 2nd May

Vacancies in Parliament


BILL WATCH 13-2017

BILL WATCH 13/2017

[5th April 2017]

Parliament is Sitting this Week before Taking a Three-Week Break

Is the Constitution Amendment Bill Necessary?

Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 1) Bill

The Bill is on the National Assembly Order Paper for presentation and first reading tomorrow, 6th April.

BILL WATCH 11-2017

BILL WATCH 11/2017

[27th March 2017]

Both Houses of Parliament are Continuing Sittings This Week

First Three Acts of 2017 Gazetted

In a Government Gazette Extraordinary dated 23rd March the following Acts of Parliament of 2017 were gazetted—

BILL WATCH 10-2017

BILL WATCH 10/2017

[25th March 2017]

Legislative Work of Parliament [Bills & Acts] in 2016

Eight Bills were passed by Parliament Legislative Work of Parliament [Bills & Acts] in 2016t during 2016:

- Criminal Procedure and Evidence Amendment Bill

- General Laws Amendment Bill 

- Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences Bill

- Gwanda State University Act Bill 



[14th March 2017]

Both Houses of Parliament are Sitting This Week

Only the Senate sat last week.  The National Assembly had a week’s break.  Both Houses will sit again from today, Tuesday 14th March, and probably until the end of the month.  

Three Bills Sent to President for Assent



[8th March 2017]

The Senate is Sitting This Week

The National Assembly is in Recess until Next Week, on Tuesday 14th March

President Invokes “Prerogative Powers” to Transform National Defence College into a University



[27th February 2017]

Only the National Assembly is Sitting This Week

The Senate will Resume Next Week, on Tuesday 7th March

Last week the National Assembly sat on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd February, but not on Thursday.  It will continue sitting this week.  There are several Bills on its agenda [see below]



[21st February 2017]

Parliament is Sitting Again This Week

VAT on Basic Commodities Revoked: SI 20/2017 Repealed and Replaced

On Thursday 16th February, and with immediate effect on and from that date [but not retrospectively], the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, by SI 26A/2017 [available here]—


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