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GN 2022-416 Designation of Trial Magistrates for Politically Motivated Violence and Intimidation Cases

IT is hereby declared that the Judicial Service Commission, in terms of section 133J of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13], has designated the magistrates listed in the Schedule below to try cases of politically motivated violence and intimidation in the provinces under which their names appear before, during and after the National Assembly by- elections scheduled to take place on Saturday, 26th March, 2022.

ZEC: 2022 By-Elections Roadmap

The document downloadable below is the Zimbabwe 2022 By-Elections Roadmap released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC]. 

The by-elections will be held to fill 28 vacant constituency seats in the National Assembly and over 100 vacancies in various local authority councils around the country.

Polling day for by-elections of both classes will be Saturday 26th March 2022

Election Watch 17-2018 - General Election Proclaimed


[30th May 2018]

General Election Proclaimed

Today, the 30th May 2018, President Mnangagwa gazetted a proclamation setting the dates for the forthcoming general election.  The proclamation can be accessed on the Veritas website [link]

In Proclamation 2 of 2018 (SI 83 of 2018), the President fixed the following dates:


IN THE HIGH COURT OF ZIMBABWE                    CASE NO.          /18



In the matter between:


VALERIE INGHAM-THORPE                                     1st APPLICANT


FIRINNE TRUST operating as VERITAS                   2nd APPLICANT                                                                             



CoE Handbook Reporting on Elections 2017

The right to free elections is guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights. Of all the democratic safeguards against the abuse of political power, it is one of the most fundamental. The ability of individuals to express their identities and choices peacefully, at the ballot box, is central to stability in any society, and so to Europe’s democratic security too.


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