Municipal Area

SI 2018-029 Establishment of Beitbridge Municipal Council: Transitional Provisions re by-laws and regulations, valuation roll, voters roll, and temporary continuation in office of council members [as commissioners] and Secretary [as Acting Town Clerk]

This statutory instrument, also gazetted on 9th March 2018, complements the proclamation establishing in Beitbridge Municipal Council to replace the Beitbridge Town Council [SI 2018-28].  The two statutory instruments should be read together. 

SI 2018-028 Establishment of Beitbridge Municipal Council: Municipal Area and Wards, Name and Effective Date

This statutory instrument was gazetted on 9th March 2018. 

It is a proclamation by the President abolishing the town of Beitbridge and its town council and establishing in its place, with effect from 9th March 2018, the Beitbridge Municipality and Beitbridge Municipal Council.  The council area/municipal area is described in a Schedule to the statutory instrument, as are six wards; all these areas appear to be the same as the areas of the former town council and its wards.
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