Bill Watch

BILL WATCH 38/2022

[18th August 2022]

Business in the National Assembly’s 26th to 28th July]

and Supplementary 2022 Budget Documents Available

BILL WATCH 37/2022

[16th August 2022]

Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill

In Light of Conventions to which Zimbabwe is a State Party

BILL WATCH 36/2022

[10th August 2022]

The Labour Amendment Bill : Part 1

BILL WATCH 35/2022

[28th July 2022]

Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill

Committee Stage Amendments Fast-tracked

Tuesday’s Proceedings on the PVO Amendment Bill


BILL WATCH 34/2022

[26thJuly 2022]

The Judicial Laws Amendment Bill : A Virtual Problem

BILL WATCH 33/2022

[24thJuly 2022]

Only the National Assembly Will Sit This Week

BILL WATCH 32/2022

[21st July 2022]

The Medical Services Amendment Bill

Correction of Date to Bill Watch 29/2022

The fourth line of the heading to Bill Watch 29/2022 wrongly stated that the Senate had adjourned until 12th July instead of the 19th July.  The copies of the bulletin on the Veritas website have been suitably amended.

BILL WATCH 31/2022

[19th July 2022]

In the National Assembly 12th to 14th July

BILL WATCH 30/2022

[13th July 2022]

The Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill : A Better Option

BILL WATCH 29/2022

[12th July 2022]

Only the National Assembly Will be Sitting This Week

The Senate Sat Last Week and Adjourned until Tuesday 19th July

In the Senate Last Week

Copper Control Amendment Bill [link] passed

BILL WATCH 28/2022

[2nd July 2022]

Parliament Has Not Been Sitting This Week

BILL WATCH 27/2022

[21st June 2022]

The National Assembly Will Continue Sitting This Week

The Senate Will Not Sit Again Until Tuesday 5th July

Progress on Two Bills Last Week [14th to 16th June]

BILL WATCH 26/2022

[16th June 2022]

The Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill :
The Minister’s Proposed Amendments

BILL WATCH 25/2022

[14th June 2022]

Condonation of Excess Expenditure : Here We Go Again

Last Friday a Financial Adjustments Bill was published in the Gazette to condone unauthorised expenditure incurred by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development for the years 2019 and 2020.  The Bill can be accessed on the Veritas website [link].

BILL WATCH 24/2022

[11th June 2022]

Both Houses of Parliament Resumed Sitting on 7th June

and Will Continue Sitting Next Week

Parliament’s June sittings began on Tuesday 7th June.  Both Houses had been in recess since Friday 19th May.

BILL WATCH 23/2022

[30th May 2022]

The Children’s Amendment Bill

BILL WATCH 22/2022

[29th May 2022]

The Child Justice Bill

BILL WATCH 21/2022

[21st May 2022]

Parliament Sat for the First Three Weeks of May

and is Now Adjourned until Tuesday 7th June

Published in the Government Gazette 20th May 2022

Guardianship of Minors Amendment Act, 2022 (No. 2 of 2022) [link]

BILL WATCH 20/2022

[13th May 2022]

PVO Amendment Bill in National Assembly This Week:

BILL WATCH 19/2022

[10th May 2022]

Both Houses Sat Last Week and Will Continue This Week

The Independent Complaints Commission Bill, having passed through the National Assembly, is now with the Senate and will probably be considered there this week.

The Amendment of State Universities Statutes Bill is also on the Senate Order paper for consideration this week.