Bill Watch

BILL WATCH 79/2020

[2nd December 2020]

Public Health Lock-down Order

Reopening of Borders and Partial Relaxation of Curfew

BILL WATCH 78/2020

[1st December 2020]

Both Houses are Sitting This Week

The 2021 National Budget was Presented on Thursday 26th November 2020

Presentation of the 2021 National Budget

BILL WATCH 77/2020

[27th November 2020]

The Zimbabwe Independent Complaints Commission Bill

Section 210 of the Constitution states:

BILL WATCH 76/2020

[20th November 2020]

Correction of Media Misinformation about Re-registration of Companies

BILL WATCH 75/2020

[19th November 2020]

Both Houses Sat on 17th and 18th November

MPs are Attending a Pre-Budget Seminar in Harare 19th to 21st November

Third Session [October 2020-September 2021] Sitting Calendar

BILL WATCH 74/2020

[10th November 2020]

Parliament is Not Sitting This Week

Both Houses will Sit Again on Tuesday 17th November

Last Week in Parliament

Both Houses sat last week from Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th November.  No Bills were passed.  What happened in both Houses will be covered in a separate bulletin to be issued shortly.

BILL WATCH 73/2020

[3rd November 2020]

Both Houses are Sitting This Week

Only the National Assembly Sat Last Week

In the National Assembly Last Week

BILL WATCH 72/2020

[30th October 2020]

The Legislative Agenda for the Third Session

BILL WATCH 71/2020

[25th October 2020]

Second Session Ended and Third Session Opened

Only the National Assembly will be Sitting This Week

BILL WATCH 70/2020

[19th October 2020]

Public Health Lock-down Order : Further Amendments

BILL WATCH 69/2020

[17th October 2020]

National Assembly to Sit Again on Tuesday 20th October

Special Joint Sitting for Opening of New Session and

President’s State of the Nation Address to be on Thursday 22nd October

BILL WATCH 68/2020

[14th October 2020]

Both Houses of Parliament Sat from 6th to 9th October

National Assembly is Sitting This Week

Senate to sit again on 22nd October

BILL WATCH 67/2020

[12th October 2020]

Two Major Bills Currently Before Parliament :

Constitution Amendment (No. 2) Amendment Bill and

Cyber Security & Data Protection Bill

BILL WATCH 66/2020

[5th October 2020]

Both the Senate and the National Assembly will be Sitting This Week

In the Senate Last Week
[29th & 30th September, 1st October]


BILL WATCH 65/2020

[3rd October 2020]

Public Health Covid Regulations and Lock-down Order : More Amendments

BILL WATCH 64/2020

[30th September 2020]

The Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill

An Analysis

BILL WATCH 63/2020

[29th September 2020]

Both the Senate and the National Assembly are Sitting This Week

Fast-Tracking to Apply to All Government Business This Week

BILL WATCH 62/2020

[29th September 2020]

The Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill

BILL WATCH 61/2020

[22nd September 2020]

Lock-down Order Amendments

BILL WATCH 60/2020

[20th September 2020]

The Senate Passed Four Bills Last Week

Both Houses will Sit This Week