Election Watch

Election Watch 36 - 2018 - Will the Elections be Free and Fair?


29th July 2018

Will the Elections be Free and Fair

The world recently witnessed a successfully-run FIFA World Cup.  Everyone knew the rules, the referees were neutral and independent; no one knew who the winner would be.

ELECTION WATCH 34-2018 - Presidential Ballot Paper


18th July 2018

Presidential Ballot Paper

It appears that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC] has printed presidential ballot papers with the presidential candidates listed in alphabetical order in two columns.  The President’s name, which would be towards the middle of a single column, heads the second column.

What the Electoral Act and Regulations say about the Form of Ballot Papers

ELECTION WATCH 33-2018 - Update on Veritas Transparency Case


18th July 2018

Update on Veritas Case for More Electoral Transparency

Transparency Necessary for Verifiability

Our new President has promised Zimbabweans and the international community that the impending elections will be “free and fair”.  The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC] has promised to deliver free and fair elections.

Election Watch 31 - 2018 - Postal Voting


16th July 2018

Postal Voting

Reports of police officers in Bulawayo casting postal votes under the watchful eyes of their superior officers have raised questions about the postal voting system.  In this Election Watch we shall explain how the system is supposed to work.  We shall also explain that there are differences between how postal voting is done in this election and how it used to be done.

Election Watch 29-2018 - ZEC Gazettes Errors & Omissions in List of Nominated Candidates


9th July 2018

Correction of Omissions and Errors in ZEC’s First Lists of Nominated Candidates

The Acting Chief Elections Officer of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC] has published two General Notices [GNs] correcting omissions from and errors in the lists gazetted on 22nd June in GNs 411 and 412.  The effect of these corrections is summarised below.