TIMBA v PASSADE - Mount Pleasant Election Petition - Electoral Court judgment 18 Aug 2014

BHUNU J: The applicant Jameson Timba and the respondent Jason Passade and one Peter Muchadamano were conte~tants for the Mount Pleasant Constituency Parliamentary seat in the recent Harmonised National Assembly Elections held on 31 July 2013. The Mount Pleasant Constituency is made up of 2 wards being wards 7 and 17.

On 2 August 2013 the constituency elections officer collated ;:eturns from the 2 wards and declared the respondent to be the winner and duly elected Member of Parliament for the Mount Pleasant Constituency. Each electoral candidate had his own set of electoral agents monitoring the electoral process to guard against electoral malpractices and fraud. There were also local regional and international observers all geared towards verifying that the elections were conducted in conformity with the electoral Act [Cap 2:13], regional and international democratic standards and principles.

The results sheet so collated was duly signed by the candidates' respective electoral agents, announced and pasted outside the Mount Pleasant Constituency centre under the watchful eyes of the electoral agents, local regional and international observers.