Senate resolution for alignment of Electoral Act to Constitution – 20 June 2017

Motion adopted by the Senate of the Parliament of Zimbabwe

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Alignment of the Electoral Act to the Constitution

Proposer:  Senator Timveos


Text of motion [from Senate Votes and Proceedings for Tuesday 20th June 2017]

Question proposed: That this House:


ACKNOWLEDGING the progress made by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC) towards assuming the Constitutional mandate of ensuring that elections are conducted efficiently, freely, fairly, transparently and in accordance with the law;


FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGING the financial restrictions facing ZEC due to scarcity of resources allocated by the Treasury and the interest from the international donors, including UNDP, to assist in supporting ZEC as a key pillar of democracy;


AWARE that the desire by government to engage the International Community as  economic partners for the development of Zimbabwe will also be enhanced by inviting the widest range of international players to observe and monitor  our national  elections;


AWARE that the holding of a transparent, free and fair election in 2018 will depend on the integrity of the voters roll as well as an enabling environment;


NOTING the slow process of aligning the Electoral Act to the constitution means that there are areas wherein ZEC is acting unconstitutionally and that there have been actions by ZEC which have not been aligned even to the Electoral Act;


NOW, THEREFORE, calls upon


a) The Government to expeditiously align the provisions on ZEC to the Constitution;

b) ZEC to urgently engage with partners to implement the biometric voters roll in order to fulfill the Constitutional mandate;

c) Government to align the Electoral Act with the Constitution and crate an electoral environment that complies with Article 17 of the African Union Charter on free and fair elections – Hon. Sen. Timveos.

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