Land Commission Bill as passed by Senate 19 July 2017

AS AT 19 JULY 2017

Annotated Version as Passed
by the Senate with Amendments on  19th July 2017
and Returned to the National Assembly



  1. This document consists of the original text of the gazetted Bill annotated to show amendments made to date by both the National Assembly and the Senate. 
  2. The Bill was introduced in the National Assembly, which passed it with amendments before transmitting it to the Senate.  These amendments are shown on pages 2, 3, 11, 14, 18, 41 and 42 below.
  3. On 19th July 2017 the Senate passed further amendments to the Bill.  These further amendments are shown on pages 8, 9 and 21.
  4. The text of the new clause 3 inserted by the Senate on page 9 could not be fitted in on that page.  It is, therefore, set out in full here­—

“3.  Procedure for appointment of members

(1)  Before the President appoints a member, the Minister shall, in writing, invite the National Council of Chiefs to submit to him or her the names of at least two traditional leaders, qualified in terms of section 296(2) of the Constitution, to be considered for appointment to the Commission.

(2)  The Minister shall without delay forward to the President the names of any suitably qualified traditional leaders nominated by the Council of Chiefs in response to an invitation in terms of subsection (1) and, subject to section 296 of the Constitution, they shall be considered for appointment to the Commission.”

  1. We have not attempted the re-numbering of the remaining clauses of the Bill consequential on the insertion of the new clause 3, above, by the Senate. 

21st January 2017

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