Election Watch 13-2017 - The Government's New Electoral Amendment Bill, 2017


[23rd September 2017]

 The Government’s New Electoral Amendment Bill

Electoral Amendment Bill 2017

This Bill [link] was gazetted by Parliament in a Government Gazette Extraordinary on 18th September.  As the Bill was only sent to the Government Printer for preparation of proofs last Friday, 15th September, it is receiving top priority treatment from Parliament.  

Parliament has Already called for Comments on the Bill

Another indication of the Bill’s priority status is that on 19th September Parliament circulated an invitation to submit written comments on the Bill [link to full text of invitation].  The last day for receipt of comments is Friday 20th October.   

Comments can be submitted:

Requests for clarification may be addressed to Mr Johane Gandiwa, Assistant Clerk of Parliament, on gandiwaj@parlzim.gov.zw, or Fax: +263 4 252935, cell +263 -712 880010.

Download Document: