Election Watch 20 - 2018 - Nomination of Candidates 2


9th June 2018

Nomination of Candidates 2

Election Watch 19/2018 [“Nomination of Candidates 1”] [link] outlined the nomination procedures for:

  • the Presidential election
  • the elections for the 210 constituency seats in the National Assembly
  • the local authority council elections.

[Nomination Day for the above is on 14th June.  All these positions are elected directly by registered voters voting on 30th July.]

This bulletin outlines the different procedures for nominating candidates for the other positions to be filled as part of the harmonised elections process.

Party List/Proportional Representation Seats

Nomination Day for Party Lists is the 14th June 2018

The Constitution provides for the following seats to be filled by persons elected under a party-list system of proportional representation: [They are elected indirectly by registered voters voting on 30th July] :

  •  in the Senate [60] 6 seats for each province, equally divided between women and men  [sections 120] 
  • for women in the National Assembly [60] - 6 seats for each province  [section 124]
  • in provincial councils [10 seats on each of the 8 provincial councils] [section 268]

A party will not be permitted to nominate party-list candidates for a particular province unless it also has one or more candidates standing in that province for National Assembly constituency seats. 

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