Buhera Post Election Investigations Report ZHRC Sept 2018

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC/ Commission) received complaints involving alleged partisan distribution of Presidential inputs and post-election politically motivated violence in Buhera South and Buhera North Constituencies in Manicaland Province. This report contains findings of the ZHRC investigations conducted in response to the complaints received.
1.1. The Commission received complaints from Buhera South and Buhera North Constituencies in relation to alleged partisan distribution of Presidential Inputs and post - election politically motivated violence. The complainants communicated with the ZHRC through the hotline platform to lodge their complaints. This report seeks to highlight the findings of the investigation.
1.2. The 1st complaint lodged a complaint with ZHRC on partisan Presidential Inputs distribution in Sengure Village Ward 25 Buhera South Constituency. The complainant highlighted that Presidential Input and Food Aid distribution meetings were started off by chanting ZANU PF slogans yet some community members were not ZANU PF supporters. He also highlighted that there was a compulsory food for work programme which was led by ZANU PF authorities where the elderly were not exempted.
1.3. The 2nd Complainant from Mundenge Village Ward 8 Buhera North reported alleged partisan Presidential inputs distribution in his area. He also reported incidences of assault and threats of arson and intimidation by the ZANU PF Ward Chairperson of his area. He highlighted that ZANU PF supporters always took over aid distribution programmes and always made sure that those aligned to opposition parties did not get any aid when it was distributed.
1.4. The 3rd Complainant highlighted that 3rd Respondent, a Ward 16 ZANU PF Councillor who is also a teacher at Muteve Primary School had threatened that those aligned to opposition political parties would not get any food aid or agricultural inputs.

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