PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEES SERIES 23 - 2018 Documents Available on 2019 National Budget



[23rd October 2018]

Background Reading on 2019 National Budget

The last three bulletins in this Parliamentary Committees Series gave advance notice of this week’s Parliamentary committees’ activities in preparation for the 2019 National Budget: 

20/2018 dated 18th October – re countrywide public consultations on the National Budget to be conducted jointly by the Portfolio Committee on Finance and Economic Development and the Thematic Committee on Sustainable Development Goals

21/2018 dated 19th October – re countrywide public consultations on the 2019 Health Sector Budget by the Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care

22/2018 dated 20th October – re open committee meetings to be held by other Portfolio Committees to hear evidence from the Ministries they supervise and relevant stakeholders on their funding requirements and projections for the financial year 2019.

Relevant Documents Available from Veritas

The following Budget-related documents can now be downloaded from the Veritas website:

The official 2019 Pre-Budget Strategy Paper [link]

This 73-page booklet presents proposals on major policies, priorities and other interventions.  It is “meant to assist debate on broad macro-fiscal parameters of the 2019 National Budget.  The underlying projections and targets remain tentative and may be  adjusted and strengthened based on arising developments and inputs from planned consultations.  Treasury, therefore, looks forward to full participation in enhancing the quality of the 2019 Budget from all stakeholders, including Line Ministries and Departments, business, academia, labour, civic organisations and the general public.”

“Treasury” is just another term for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

The Transitional Stabilisation Programme [link]

This programme was presented by the Minister of Minister of Finance and Economic Development on 5th October.  It is frequently referred to in the 2019 Pre-Budget Strategy Paper, above.

Thanks and An Apology

We thank the observant readers who took the trouble to point out errors [an occasional “June” instead of “October”] in our bulletin 22/2018 dated 20th October.  We apologise to anyone who was misled by these slips.   The errors have been corrected in the copy of the bulletin on our website.


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