Bill Watch 18/2019 -- Bills and Acts of 2018

BILL WATCH 18/2019

[5th April 2019]

Bills and Acts of 2018

Update on Bills Passed by Parliament during 2018

Twelve Bills were passed by Parliament during 2018:

Finance Bill

Appropriation (2018) Bill

Estate Administrators Amendment Bill

Public Entities Corporate Governance Bill

Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company (Debt Assumption) Bill

Electoral Amendment Bill

Insolvency Bill

Shop Licences Amendment Bill

Civil Aviation Amendment Bill

Public Health Bill  

Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Amendment Bill

Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill

All twelve Bills were passed by the Eighth Parliament before it adjourned for the last time on 7th June 2018 ahead of the 30th July harmonised election.  

The Ninth [i.e. the current] Parliament, sworn in on 18th September 2018 did not complete the passage of any further Bills by the end of the year [see below].

Eleven of the Bills have been gazetted as Acts

These eleven Acts were all gazetted and came into force by the end of 2018 [see Table of Acts below for details].   

Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill This was the twelfth Bill passed.  It was not published as an Act because the President refused to assent to it, and after the election it was sent back to the new Ninth Parliament for reconsideration in the light of the President’s reservations.  The Bill did not, however, come up for reconsideration during the remainder of 2018. 


The complete bulletin can be downloaded below.

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