SI 2019-200A Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations, 2019

1. These regulations may be cited as Civil Aviation (Security) Regulations, 2019.
2. In these regulations—
“acts of unlawful interference” means acts or attempted acts such as to jeopardise the safety of civil aviation including, but not limited to—
(a) unlawful seizure of an aircraft;
(b) destruction of an aircraft in service;
(c) hostage-taking on board an aircraft or on aerodromes;
(d) forcible intrusion on board an aircraft, at an airport or on the premises of an aeronautical facility;
(e) introduction on board an aircraft or at an airport of a weapon or hazardous device or material intended for criminal purposes;
(f) use of an aircraft in service for the purpose of causing death, serious bodily injury, or serious damage to property or the environment; or

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