SI 2019-201 Zambezi River Authority (Terms and Conditions of Service) (Amendment) By-laws, 2019 (No. 4)

IT is hereby notified that the Zambezi River Authority has, in terms of Article 10 of the agreement set out in the Schedule to th Zambezi River Authority Act [Chapter 20:23], with the approval of the Council of Ministers as set out in Article 10, made these by-laws:—
1. These by-laws may be cited as the Zambezi River Authority (Terms and Conditions of Service) (Amendment) By-laws, 2019 (No. 4).
2. By-law 2 of the Zambezi River Authority (Terms and Conditions of Service) By-laws, 1995 (hereinafter referred to as the principal by-laws), published in Statutory Instrument 119 of 1995, is amended by—

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