Bill Watch 59/2019 - The 2020 National Budget Presentation

BILL WATCH 59/2019

[14th November 2019]

The 2020 National Budget Was Presented Today

Under the Theme

“Gearing for Higher Productivity, Growth and Job Creation”

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube, presented the 2020 National Budget to the National Assembly this afternoon.

Budget documents available on Veritas website

The two main Budget documents are already on the Veritas website on the same webpage [link], where they can be downloaded.  They are:

(1)  the full 162-page 2020 National Budget Statement

(2)  the Minister’s 2020 National Budget Speech, which is an abridged version of (1).

Other documents to be available soon

The other documents supporting the 2020 Budget will be posted on the Veritas website as soon as available.  They are:

(3)  the 2020 Infrastructure Investment Plan

(4)  the 2020 National Budget Highlights

(5)  the Estimates of Expenditure (Blue Book), with detailed expenditure allocations

(6)  the Finance Bill

(7)  the Appropriation Bill.

Download File: