Labour Act [Chapter 28:01] (updated to 2019)

AN ACT to declare and define the fundamental rights of employees; to give effect to the international obligations of the Republic of Zimbabwe as a member state of the International Labour Organisation and as a member of or party to any other international organisation or agreement governing conditions of employment which Zimbabwe would have ratified;
to define unfair labour practices;
to regulate conditions of employment and other related matters;
to provide for the control of wages and salaries; to provide for the appointment and functions of workers committees;
to provide for the formation, registration and functions of trade unions, employers organizations and employment councils;
to regulate the negotiation, scope and enforcement of collective bargaining agreements;
to provide for the establishment and functions of the Labour Court;
to provide for the prevention of trade disputes, and unfair labour practices;
to regulate and control collective job action; to regulate and control employment agencies;
and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.
[Long title amended by section 44 of Act 17 of 2002 and by section 38 of Act 7 of 2005]
[Date of commencement: 15th December, 1985.]
1 Short title
This Act may be cited as the Labour Act [Chapter 28:01].
[Short title amended by section 2 of Act 17 of 2002

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