Court Watch 2/2020 - COVID-19 Protection Measures for All Zimbabwe Courts


[24th March 2020]

COVID-19 Protection Measures for All Zimbabwe’s Courts


Chief Justice Luke Malaba yesterday announced that the following measures would apply to all courts in Zimbabwe with immediate effect:

  1. Trials and non-urgent hearings must be postponed for a period not less than two months, except urgent matters, bail applications and initial remands.
  2. All weddings are cancelled.  Parties may approach the courts for rebooking after a period of two months.
  3. No hearings will be done in chambers.
  4. In instances where hearings are held these should be confined to parties involved in the case and their legal practitioners.  Those not involved in the case are discouraged or coming to court.
  5. All surfaces of reception areas, registries, court rooms and areas of potential risk should be regularly sanitized and fumigated as may be necessary.
  6. Members of the Judicial Service Commission at courts, legal practitioners and litigants attending court sessions are required to:
  1. be sanitized at the court entrance when going in and outside the court.
  2. maintain a distance of at least two meters from the next person when attending court or registry offices.
  3. disinfect any immediate surface area with the disinfectant and paper towels made available in court.
  4. wash your hands frequently with soap and running water or rub your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizers for at least 20 seconds.

Note: The original document from the Chief Justice’s Office circulated on 23rd March by the Judicial Service Commission can be downloaded from the Veritas website [link]

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