SI 2020-098 Public Health (COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 (No. 2)

IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Health has, in terms of section 68 of the Public Health Act [Chapter 15:17], made the following regulations:—
1. These regulations may be cited as the Public Health (COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 (No. 2).
2. The Public Health (COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment) Regulations, 2020, published in Statutory Instrument 77 of 2020 (“the principal regulations”) are amended in section 3 (“Declaration of COVID-19 as Formidable Epidemic Disease”) by the repeal of subsection (2) and the substitution of—
“(2) The declaration of COVID-19 as a formidable epidemic disease has effect till the 1st January, 2021, unless the Minister earlier terminates these regulations by General Notice in the Gazette, or extends them in like manner by a further month (and may, upon expiry of that extension, in like manner further extends them for a month at a time).”.

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