BILL WATCH 25/2020 - Lockdown Order - More Amendments in SI 101/2020

BILL WATCH 25/2020

[5th May 2020]

Lock-down Order : More Amendments in SI 101

 “Thick and fast they came at last,

And more and more and more.

Lewis Carol

Today yet more amendments to the Public Health Lock-down Order were published.  They are contained in the Public Health (COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment) (National Lockdown) (Amendment) Order, 2020 (No. 6) (SI 101 of 2020) and can be accessed on the Veritas website [Link].

The amendments are not far-reaching, and can be summarised as follows:

  • The definition of “essential service” is amended so that the work of the Sheriff of the High Court and messengers of magistrates courts will become essential services which can be performed during the lock-down.  Evictions and executions of property will not however be regarded as essential services.
  • The definition of “face mask” is amended to include improvised masks and non-standard masks, so long as they cover the wearer’s nose and mouth.
  • Section 4 is amended to make it quite clear that everyone who is in a public place during the lock-down must comply with the social distancing rule (i.e. they must keep at least one metre away from other people) and must wear a face mask (including an improvised or non-standard mask).
  • Section 5 is amended to require everyone who is present in a gathering permitted by the section (e.g. a funeral, a queue for transport, customers in a supermarket, etc.) to wear a face mask as well as observing the social distancing rule.

A consolidated version of the Lock-down Order, incorporating the latest amendments, is available on the Veritas website [Link].


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