Cabinet Meeting 2020-28: 18th August 2020




Cabinet received from the Minister of Defence and War Veterans Affairs, Honourable O.C.Z. Muchinguri Kashiri, Chairperson of the Ad Hoc Inter-Ministerial Task Force on the Covid-19 Outbreak, an update on the steps that are being taken to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.


The cumulative rapid screening and PCR tests conducted as of 17 August, 2020 are 183 163 (99 651 RDT and 83 51299 (PCR). The country has now five thousand three hundred and eight (5 308) confirmed COVID-19 cases. The cumulative number of confirmed cases has risen by 30% from the previously reported 4 075 to 5 308 positive cases. Cabinet notes with satisfaction that the number of those recovered from COVID-19 has increased by 279% from 1016 to 3 848. Cabinet regrets to note that the number of deaths has risen by 93% from 70 to 135 and advises that no effort is being spared to ensure that the pandemic is contained.



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