Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill - Further Amendments Proposed by ICT Minister H.B. 8, 2019

The National Assembly Order Paper [agenda] for 18th March 2021 listed the Committee Stage of this Bill for consideration but it was not taken up, and is now listed for 23rd March.  The Committee Stage is the stage at which a Bill must be considered clause by clause and also the stage during which which amendments may be made to the text.  For some time now successive Order Papers have shown several pages of proposed amendments to the Bill put forward by Hon Gandawa on behalf of the relevant Portfolio Committee.  But the Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services gave notice last week that he, too, would be proposing substantial amendments to the Bill, and his amendments appeared on the Order Paper for 18th March and still appear on the Order Paper for 23rd March - in addition to those of Hon Gandawa.

[The Committee Stage did not start last week.]

The document downloadable below is an extract from the Order Paper for 18th March, when the Minister's amendments first appeared.  It contains both sets of proposed amendments, with the Minister's amendments highlighted in yellow.

Download File: