Public Accounts Committee: Report on ZINARA Audit Reports 2017 and 2018

The downloadable document below is the Report of the Public Accounts Committee on its Analysis of ZINARA’s Audited Accounts for the years 2017 and 2018 and the 2017 Forensic Audit Report.  ZINARA is an acronym for the Zimbabwe National Road Administration, a parastatal established under the Roads Act..  
The effect of this damning report is summed up in its concluding paragraphs:
329. In conclusion, the Committee places on record that the ZINARA audit was amongst the toughest oversight functions that the Committee has carried out to date.
330. The extent of the omissions and commissions at ZINARA, the extent of the corruption and the extent of the extraction is huge.
331. The Committee trusts that the Executive shall react with urgency and panic to the findings of this Report and ensure that measures are taken to ensure that the country’s institutions are never captured and subverted in the manner that ZINARA was.
332. The Constitution of Zimbabwe is clear.
333. The Constitution of Zimbabwe stands for good governance transparency, openness and accountability. These principles are clearly spelt out in Chapter 9 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.
334. Public entities such as ZINARA must abide by the Constitution of Zimbabwe.”

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