Public Accounts Committee Report - Command Agriculture Special Maize Programme SC 24 2021

Presented in National Assembly on 3rd March 2022

1.1 Section 119 of the Constitution, gives Parliament power to ensure that provisions of the Constitution are “upheld and that the State and all institutions and agencies of government at every level act constitutionally and in the national interest.”
1.2 Section 299 of the Constitution confers the Public Accounts Committee with unlimited oversight powers over all State revenues and expenditure. It states that
(a) “Parliament must monitor and oversee expenditure by the State and all Commissions and institutions and agencies of Government at every level, including statutory bodies, government-controlled entities, provincial and metropolitan councils and local authorities...”
1.3 Accordingly, Parliament in general and the Public Accounts Committee in particular has the responsibility to ensure accountability and openness of the State through oversight of activities of the executive and its auxiliary bodies

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