2023 National Budget Gender Responsive Statement

This 15-page document from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is a profile of the 2022 Budget Performance information and the 2023 budget proposals from a gender perspective.


Gender Responsive Budgeting
1.0 Introduction

Gender is an important consideration in the socio-economic development process of any country as it looks at how social norms and power structures impact on the lives and opportunities available to different groups of men and women that constitute its citizens. Globally, more women live in poverty compared to men on account of socially constructed norms and ideologies which treat women as passive beneficiaries of development.
Understanding these gender relations and the power dynamics behind them is critical for policy makers and implementing agencies to appreciate the impact of political and socio-economic developmental interventions on the different groups including people with disabilities. Compared with men, women control fewer political and economic resources, including land, employment and traditional positions of authority. It is also noted that men and women, boys and girls experience poverty differently, and face different barriers in accessing services, economic resources and political opportunities.



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