Ministry of Health and Child Care

Minister Dr Douglas Mombeshora


To mobilise resources for the provision of health services, distribute the same equitably and ensure proper financial management and control of the funds.


Objectives of the Ministry

To give financial advice to the Ministry.

To initiate the budget development process.

Implement basic financial management and systems.

Project revenue and monitor flow of financial resources.

Co-ordinate the procurement and disposal of supplies and services.

Ensure that the Ministry's financial management conforms to the Audit and Exchequer Act, Treasury Instruments and other Statutory requirements.

Commission systems research in health financing.


Activities of the Ministry

Co-ordinating and analysis of financial information between the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare and its departments.

Interaction with top management, Ministry of Finance, National Economic Planning Commission, Comptroller and Auditor General, registered Health Institutions and the private sector.

Meeting the ministry deadlines and producing accurate and timeous financial management reports for the accounting officer including budget performance reports.

Preparation of the budget in consultation with the Ministry of Finance, and the cascading of these budgets to the departments.

Co-ordinate tendering and procurement processes within the ministry and it departments.

Formulating and implementing cost recovery measures, investments and management of trust funds, Health Services Funds and related accounts, and the costing of products and services emanating from the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.

Institute financial discipline, control and effective processes and procedures that will ensure the smooth running of the ministry's finances.

Advise the Accounting Officers and Sub-Accounting Officers (Departmental Directors) in the financial matters regarding controls, management and training requirements.

Initiate and co-ordinate the implementation of new accounting systems that will provide effective at all levels of management, including departments.

Introduce innovative technologies in the accounts environment including a sound management information system.


Contact Details

Kaguvi Building

Corner Central Avenue & 4th Street