Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development

Minister Felix Mhona



To be a regional hub for world-class transport and communications networks and services by the year 2020



To facilitate, provide and manage transport, communications, meteorological and seismological infrastructure networks and services.



These are the values that guide our decision making and which we follow in implementing the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Infrastructural Development's vision, mission and goals.


Safety: We protect the safety of the traveling public, our employees and the workers who build, operate and maintain our transportation and communications system.


Client Focus: We learn from and respond to our clients to deliver quality, affordable services to Zimbabweans and visitors. Our clients include travellers, freight movers, and others who use our services and facilities.


Efficiency: We strive to gain maximum value from the resources entrusted to us for the benefit of our clients.


Accountability: We build the trust of customers, stakeholders and the public by reporting regularly on what we are doing and how we are using the resources entrusted to us.


Diversity: We honor and respect our individual differences and we work to ensure that people from diverse backgrounds have equitable opportunities, both internally and externally, to work for and conduct business with MOTCID.


Sustainability: We balance economic, environmental and community well-being in a manner that protects the needs of current and future generations.


Contact Details

Main Reception Contact Details

16th floor Kaguvi Building, Cnr. 4th St /Central Ave, Harare

Postal Address: Box CY 595, Causeway, Harare

Tel: 024 700991 – 9

All correspondence to be addressed to THE SECRETARY



General Contacts

Reception: 15th Floor Kaguvi Building., Cnr. 4th St. /Central Ave,.                           

Postal Address: P.Bag 7710, Causeway, Harare                    


Tel:      +263-024-700693 - 9

Fax:     +263-024-700817

All correspondence to be addressed to THE DIRECTOR