This Bill was published in a Government Gazette dated 5th October 2018.

Note that it replaces the Bill of the same name published in March.

Parliament has invited comments on the Bill.  Comments should be to the following e-mail addresses:  or Alternatively, written submission can be sent to: Parliament of Zimbabwe, Corner Third Street and Kwame Nkrumah, PO Box CY 298, Causeway, Harare.

Electoral Amendment Bill Incorporating National Assembly's Amendments


This document sets out the Electoral Amendment Bill as passed by
the National Assembly on 10th May 2018, i.e., it incorporates
the amendments the National Assembly made to the Bill.  This
document, therefore, represents the Bill as it will be considered
by the Senate.  The Bill now has 37 clauses, up from 6 in its original form.



Electoral Amendment Bill - Revised Notices of Proposed Amendments

This document has been extracted from the National Assembly’s Order Paper
for Wednesday 11th April 2018








  1.                                     NEW CLAUSES INSERTED AFTER CLAUSE 1


By Hon. P. Misihairabwi-Mushonga

After clause 1 on page 1 of the Bill, insert the following clauses and the subsequent clauses being renumbered accordingly¾


Veritas Draft Electoral Amendment Bill - updated 2018

This Bill was prepared by Veritas as a more comprehensive alternative to the Government's Electoral Amendment Bill 2017, currently going through Parliament (March 2018).

This Bill will amend the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13] to align it more closely with the Constitution and to facilitate the holding of free and fair elections.  The main focus of the amendments are the following:

Public Entities Corporate Governance Bill - Amendments approved by National Assembly 13th February 2018


The Committee Stage of this Bill was taken in the National Assembly on Tuesday 13th February 2018.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development proposed amendments to a number of clauses.  All the amendments were approved by the National Assembly.

The Bill was then referred to the Parliamentary Legal Committee for its report on the constitutionality of the amended Bill.


Finance (2018) Bill

This Bill will amend the Finance Act [chapter 23:04], the Income Tax Act [Chapter 23:12], the value Added Tax Act [chapter 23:12], the Customs and Excise Act [chapter 23:02] and the Revenue Authority Act [chapter 23:11].

Appropriation Bill 2018

To apply a sum of money for the service of Zimbabwe during the year ending on the 31 st December, 2018.
ENACTED by the Parliament and the President and the National Assembly.

1 Short title
This Act may be cited as the Appropriation (2018) Act,2017 .

Finance (2018) Bill - Departmental Draft

This Bill is a preliminary draft of the Bill that will be presented to Parliament to give effect to those Budget proposals that need to be enacted by Act of Parliament.  In addition to clauses affecting Income Tax, Value Added Tax and Customs and Excise duty and administration, and the Bill contains clauses providing for a Tax Amnesty [in respect of interest and penalties payable on taxes outstanding as at 1st December 2017], and


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