Land Commission Bill (H.B. 2, 2016)

This Bill seeks to provide for the Zimbabwe Land Commission referred to in section 296 or the Constitution and for matters pertinent thereto, including the allocation of rights in State Land for agricultural purposes, the registration of such rights, the creation and extinction of servitudes over State Land, the settlement of persons on such land, the control of the subdivision and lease of land for farming or other purposes, and the limitation of the number and sizes of pieces of land that may be owned by any individual.

Banking Amendment Bill - H.B. 6A, 2015

To amend the Banking Act [Chapter 24:20], the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 22:15], the Deposit Protection Corporation Act [Chapter 24:29] and the Schedule to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Amendment Act, 2010 (No. 1 of 201 0); to repeal the Troubled Financial Institutions (Resolution) Act [Chapter 24:28]; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing. ENACTED by the Parliament and the President of Zimbabwe. This Act may be cited as the Banking Amendment Act, 2015.



[25th January 2016]

Both Houses of Parliament are in Recess until 2nd February 2016

Update on Bills Passed by Parliament during 2015

Twelve Bills were passed by Parliament during 2015:

Public Accountants and Auditors Amendment Bill


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