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Election Watch 12-2018 - Electoral Amendment Bill Through Senate


[17th May 2018]

Electoral Amendment Bill Through the Senate

No New Amendments

The Bill was transmitted to the Senate from the National Assembly late on Thursday.  As there had been so many amendments made in the National Assembly a new version of the Bill incorporating these amendments was prepared for the Senate [link]

Electoral Amendment Bill Incorporating National Assembly's Amendments


This document sets out the Electoral Amendment Bill as passed by
the National Assembly on 10th May 2018, i.e., it incorporates
the amendments the National Assembly made to the Bill.  This
document, therefore, represents the Bill as it will be considered
by the Senate.  The Bill now has 37 clauses, up from 6 in its original form.



Election Watch 6-2018 - ZEC Press Statement : Dates for Inspection of Provisional Voters Roll

Voters’ Roll for Inspection: 2018

It is hereby notified for the general public that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) shall lay open the country’s Provisional Voters` Roll for inspection by the public from 19 May 2018 to 29 May 2018 in accordance with Section 21 of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13].

The purpose of the Provisional Voters’ Roll inspection is to allow members of the public to check if their details were correctly captured and if not, have the anomalies corrected.

Electoral Amendment Bill, 2017 - Proposed Committee Stage Amendments for 10th April 2018


The National Assembly is due to start the Committee Stage of this Bill on Tuesday afternoon, 10th April 2018.

This document contains proposed amendments to the Bill to be moved by Hon Ziyambi Ziyambi, Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, and by Hon Innocent Gonese, MDC-T Chief Whip, during the Committee Stage.

Veritas Draft Electoral Amendment Bill - updated 2018

This Bill was prepared by Veritas as a more comprehensive alternative to the Government's Electoral Amendment Bill 2017, currently going through Parliament (March 2018).

This Bill will amend the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13] to align it more closely with the Constitution and to facilitate the holding of free and fair elections.  The main focus of the amendments are the following:

Election Watch 2-2018 - Timeframe for the 2018 Elections


[23rd February 2018]

Timeframe for the 2018 Elections

The polling date of the next general election is the key date which determines when all the other electoral process must take place.

Election Polling Date

In normal circumstances the earliest date for polling is July 23rd and the last date for polling is August 21st.

Electoral Amendment Bill, 2017 - Report by Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

This report was presented in the National Assembly by Committee Chairperson Hon Fortune Chasi on Thursday 15th February 2018.

The report ends thus:


Having analysed the Bill, gathered the contributions from Zimbabweans across the country, and guided by Sections 119 and 155 of the Constitution, the Committee is pleased to make the following recommendations which must all be implemented by 31st March, 2018:

Election Watch 11-2017 - Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act Used to Amend Electoral Act

[16th September 2017]
Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act Used to Amend Electoral Act
The Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) (Amendment of Electoral Act) Regulations, 2017 were gazetted on 15th September in a Government Gazette Extraordinary [Statutory Instrument 117/2017, available on the Veritas website [link]].  The regulations came into force immediately.

TIMBA v PASSADE - Mount Pleasant Election Petition - Electoral Court judgment 18 Aug 2014

BHUNU J: The applicant Jameson Timba and the respondent Jason Passade and one Peter Muchadamano were conte~tants for the Mount Pleasant Constituency Parliamentary seat in the recent Harmonised National Assembly Elections held on 31 July 2013. The Mount Pleasant Constituency is made up of 2 wards being wards 7 and 17.


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