General Notices

GN 2024-0870 Notice Concerning the Review of the General Principles Published Pursuant to Section 260(2) of the Constitution by the Prosecutor General

Gazetted 07-06-2024

 IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 260(2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, 2013, as read with section 11A of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act [Chapter 9:07], that the Schedule sets out the second review of the general principles upon which the Prosecutor-General decides whether and how to institute and conduct criminal proceedings. 

GN 2024-0431 27-04-2024 By-elections Addresses of Constituency Election Officers

Gazetted 05-04-2024

IT is hereby notified that the Chief Elections Officer has, in terms of section 4 of the Electoral Regulations, 2005, published in Statutory Instrument 21 of 2005, appointed the persons specified in the first column of the Schedule to be constituency elections officers dresses in the third column.



GN 2023-1036 Public Holidays and Prohibition of Business Act, Public Holidays in 2024

IT is hereby declared that, in terms of section 2(1) of the Public Holidays and Prohibition of Business Act [Chapter 10:21], the days listed in the Schedule will be public holidays in 2024. This list does not include any days which the President may declare to be public holidays in terms of section 2(2) of the Public Holidays and Prohibition of Business Act [Chapter 10:21].




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