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GN 2022-1147B - ZEC Programme for Delimitation of Constituencies, Wards and Other Electoral Boundaries

Gazetted 24-05-2022
WHEREAS, it is provided in terms of section 161(1) of the Constitution that, once every ten years, on a date or within a period fixed by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission so as to fall soon as possible after a population census, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission must conduct

ZEC: 2022 By-Elections Roadmap

The document downloadable below is the Zimbabwe 2022 By-Elections Roadmap released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC]. 

The by-elections will be held to fill 28 vacant constituency seats in the National Assembly and over 100 vacancies in various local authority councils around the country.

Polling day for by-elections of both classes will be Saturday 26th March 2022

ZEC Notice of 120 Local Authority By-Elections to be Held in March 2022

On 8th January 2021 the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC] published a newspaper notice, over the name of Mrs J.P. Chigidji, Acting Chief Elections Officer, notifying the nomination date and polling date for by-elections to fill 117 vacancies on various local authorities.  This was supplemented by a further newspaper notice published on 11th January over the name of the name of the Chief Elections Officer, Mr U.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission - Chief Elections Officer Vacancy - Call for Applications


The  Zimbabwe  Electoral  Commission  (ZEC)  is  an  independent  electoral  management body established in terms of Section 238 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.  Its major functions are to manage and conduct elections to the offices of the President, Parliament and local authorities, and referendums, and all related electoral processes in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe and also following international best practice.

GN 2018 - 359c - ZEC Notice fixing Date of Commencement of Section 42 of Electoral Amendment Act 2012 (No. 3 of 2012) - Legalisation of Polling Station Voters Rolls and Polling Station Voting

This notice brings into operation with effect from 22nd May 2018 the provisions of section 42 of the Electoral Amendment Act 2012 for polling station voters roll and polling station voting.  For an explanation of the need for this notice, see Election Watch 14/2018 of 19th May 2018 entitled Polling Station Voting Still Needs to be Legalised [link].

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